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Cops wants to be bribed with R4 million  


A 66 year old business man is really happy to be alive after he almost kissed death.He told Daily Sun that a group of criminals pretending to be cops and soldiers were shooting at me at Rolled village outside Thulamahashe in Mpumalanga.This incident took place on Sunday around 10pm.

He said “all of a sudden, people who were inside a van started shooting and cussing me ,” he said.

When l realized my life was in danger l also started to shoot back but they did not stop they continued to shoot as they went away.”When they fled l followed them in my car until they left their bakkie.l think they assumed that l was a cop from a task force and they ran away.”

Deeply shaken by the events he drove to Mhala cop shop but to his suprise the police refused to assist him.

“The police said l should pay them money so that they can give to their families because they might be killed by the criminals,” he said.

“I am really let down by our police.They do not even care about the safety of residents all they care about is bribe.”

Brigadier Leonard Nyathi who is the spokesman for Mpumalanga police said a misconduct case was filed after a businessman claimed that a charge office cop requested R4 million bribe from him.

Also an attempted murder file was also opened and investigations have already started.