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Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture Bursary 2023



Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture Bursary 2023
The DSAC runs a bursary programme called the ‘Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture Bursary Programme.’ It is meant to help students financially who cannot afford their education in the field of arts and culture. By assisting such students, the department aims to create a more equitable society, reduce joblessness, and create a large pool of qualified professionals.

For the academic session 2023, the bursaries will be awarded to undergrad and postgrad students pursuing heritage-related qualifications. More specifically, these fields of study are considered for funding:

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Anthropology (exclusively with a focus on forensic/medical anthropology)
Archaeology (exclusively with a focus on marine and underwater cultural heritage, and forensics)
Archives and Records management
Conservation of the built environment including preventive conservation
Collections (cultural & natural) management (Not Nature Conservation)
Museum Studies or Management and Curatorship
IKS or Courses that contribute to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and S.A. Living Heritage
Marketing of heritage
Digital heritage
The value of the bursary will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and it will cover the following cost:

Full tuition cost
Prescribed book
Accommodation (a maximum of R 50,000 where applicable)
Meals (a maximum of R 18,500)
The funding will be paid directly to the institution the students are studying at. Once paid, it is not transferrable, nor can it be used for other purposes.

Bursary Eligibility Criteria
DSAC lays out a few eligibility criteria for the bursary programme. To be selected for the bursary funding, students must fulfill all criteria. Since there are a limited number of bursaries on offer, it cannot fund every applicant. Therefore, it rejects those that do not fulfill all criteria.

Cross-check with the following eligibility requirements before applying:

Must be a South African citizen
Must not be older than 40 years at the time of applying
Must be either studying or willing to study at a tertiary institution approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training
Must be either pursuing or willing to pursue an undergrad or postgrad qualification in one of the fields of study mentioned above
Must have a strong academic track record
Must not have full-time employment at the moment
The current yearly salary should not exceed R 130,000
This is a merit-based bursary. Applicants with a more successful academic track record will get preference over others. The decision taken by the department regarding the selection of candidates will be considered final.

How to Apply For The Bursary?
If you’re interested in the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture Bursary programme and need the funding, consider applying for it. You need to complete a short application process that shouldn’t take long. However, it’s necessary not to rush through and make errors. Incomplete or inaccurate submissions are rejected without further consideration.

To get started, you need to download and complete the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture Bursary Application Form 2023..pdf

The bursary form has got three sections, which are:

Personal Details
2023 academic information
2023 academic information
Make sure to read the instructions and answer the questions correctly. Also, provide updated contact information so the department can contact you if you’re shortlisted.

You can get more information about the bursary programme here.

You need to submit the completed application form and the documents to the institution’s bursary aid officer. You’re not required to apply to the DSAC directly. The university will send the application on your behalf.

Institutions will be required to submit applications to [email protected] Or [email protected]