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DJ Dimplez finally opens up about the ra_pe allegations


A large number of claims were shared via web-based media this week including music craftsman DJ Dimplez (Tumi Mooi) and another lady.

Occasion lady Mamdirah “Unusual” Diakoumpa ( otherwise called Mam Diarah) guaranteed she had a casual sexual encounter with the DJ in March, bringing about her pregnancy.

Dimplez has delivered hits, for example, Yaya, The Way and the Pop Bottles performances. Mam Diarah shared numerous screen captures of the supposed occurrences that occurred over a couple of days.

Here is what’s asserted

Diarah shared as far as anyone knows private messages on Instagram asserting she met Dimplez at a celeb’s birthday celebration. This is the place where the DJ showed his advantage in taking her out however nothing happened in light of the fact that he was intoxicated she asserts.

They met again at another gathering, where Diarah says she was facilitating the occasion. As they were sorting out the after-gathering and transport to their area, Diarah claims the DJ didn’t have cash for Uber and food, so she paid herself. They went to an inn that finished in the casual hookup. She over and over claims the DJ was plastered.

Diarah at that point says the DJ requested that she take a next day contraceptive, yet he didn’t have the cash to pay for it, so she utilized her own option in contrast to the pill; anti-inflamatory medicine and Coke. Which she accepted would work.

Quick forward and she presently asserts she is pregnant and needs to keep the youngster. Diarah would later request certain things, for example, exercise center enrollment charges and cash from the DJ. The DJ in the alleged screen captures advises her to have a fetus removal and that because of the pandemic, he hasn’t a lot of cash. The messages likewise indicate the DJ asserting he was assaulted and that he opened an argument against Diarah.

Dimplez delivered an explanation on Wednesday evening, saying on counsel from his legal advisor he would not like to address the matter “via web-based media or some other public stage”.

“Nor, am I at liberty to do so, as the matter is before the relevant authorities.” The DJ thanked those who had supported him. He did not say where he opened the police case.

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