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Dj Tira has set tongues wagging after he said this to Connie Ferguson


Dj Tira has set tongues wagging after he said this to Connie Ferguson. Twitter, among other social media platforms is by far one of the channels best for fame or where those who fall from grace are paraded.

What could be a random post may turn out to eclipse its purpose and gather momentum as far as popularity is concerned. On Twitter, a post can be recycled yet the latest time it’s shared it then becomes as if being seen for the first time. That’s exactly what happened to DJ Tira and thee backdated post has come back to haunt him.

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DJ Tira is one of the best in the land for what he does and is respected as an exemplary father to his household. Back in 2021 he took to Twitter and posted a video which then trended, as he was wishing Connie Ferguson a 50th birthday message. All was well until he said something which captured the audience’s attention.

Not only that, but some people in Mzansi started to claim that he had a longtime crush on the entertainment icon, Connie Ferguson. All because of the words he said in paying his compliments.

DJ Tira said, “you make 50years look so sexy”, leading to Twitter’s explosion as the video trended. Well, one social media user reposted the clip 19 hours ago and already it’s trending as if for the first time. Talk about the power of Twitter in taking people through a journey.

The guy is married and imagine how his wife would feel in regards to the DJ’s words and people’s reactions. It was just a complimentary gesture after all, but how it unfolded is causing news. People are already offering new sets of responses in the commentary section of the post.