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Do you rember the black couple who Gabe birth to a white baby? See where they are now


Being a parent is everyone’s dream that is why many people prefers to work hard and become financially stable before they can start haimg babies so the can provide them with the best life. Bringing a child into this world is a huge responsibility as a parent as you have to make sure that you provide the baby with the best lifestyle.

A Nigerian couple who goes by the names of Angela and Ben made headlines after they gave life to a healthy white baby. Their child’s birth broke the biological laws and tremors of science. At first they though that the baby was an Albino and later on find at that its actually a white baby and not an albino.

This left a lot of confusion as everyone questioned how is it possible that two black parents gave birth to a white baby. Patenity left the community of science even more confused as it left unclear results.