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Drama as a newly wedded couple and their guests bare forced to spent the whole night at the stadium for breaking lockdown regulations


When lockdown first started in our country soldiers would patrol in all areas forcing people to abid by the lockdown rules and regulations. Men would be forced to do pushups while women do frog jumps if seen breaking the lockdown rules.

However its been more than a year now since lockdown rules and regulations where implicated and people should be used to them by now.

A newly married couple in Rwanda were forced to stay at the stadium for the whole night in Kigali after they were caught breaking the lockdown regulations. It because of people like them who make the daily cases rise as they fail to follow the restrictions.

The pictures were shared by a Rwanda local publication as it show many guests including the bride and groom sitting down inside the stadium feeling cold while they maintain social distancing. It was alleged that the wedding reception was taken to the stadium nafter the police raided the wedding venue due to non compliance of the lockdown regulations.

According to Herald, a Zimbabwean newspaper the police had at least stopped three wedding that day in Kigali because they exceeded the regulation of not more than 20 guests.

Rwanda had been complimented for being strict when it comes to the rules and regulations of covid-19, as it really seems to be working for them as they currently nhave 22 684 covid-19 cases with only 311 death since the pandemic started.

The bride told the publication that spending the whole night at the stadium on her wedding day is one of the worst memories she will never forget.

“Inflicting pain and shaming people like this doesn’t make us fear corona or observe measures,” said the bride.