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#DurbanGen: Mbali Mthethwa on the brink of losing it all after she loses control


#DurbanGen: Mbali Mthethwa on the brink of losing it all after she loses control.Things seem to getting bad for DurbanGen: Mbali Mthethwa as she was recently forced to marry her late husbands brother Thabo and it seems she cannot seem to separate her personal issues from her work as it has affected her work big time. She is on the verge of losing everything she has worked her entire life building as her job hangs by a thread.

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Monday 1 November 2021
Episode 281

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As hard as it is for Mbali she has to bear the consequences of marrying her late husbands brother Thabo. It seems Qwabe is a new person as she is back with a new lease on life and medicine and MacGyver did not see this one coming as he gets more than he bargained for.

Tuesday 2 November 2021
Episode 282
The entire hospital is talking about the breakup and Qwabe tries to fit in with the crowd which backfires while MacGyver cannot stand his new partner.

Wednesday 3 November 2021
Episode 283

Mbali loses it and destrys Lindelani’s office and has to deal with aftermath of her melt down and the hospital gossip. Her melt down continues as she lashes out at everyone even her closest friend. Things gets worse for her as she seems to be losing the love she once deeply felt for her job and it does not help that she on the verge of losing it.

Thursday 4 November 2021
Episode 284

Mbali and Thabo become drinking buddies as they try to drown their sorrows while MacGyver works tirelessly to bring back Bab’Gumede and escape the nightmare that is Ang’zwanga.

Friday 5 November 2021
Episode 285
Sne and Phumeza can see that Mbali is piraling out of control even though she thinks no one notices. MacGyver’s pursuit to bring back Bab’Gumede to the hospital continues but gets a huge blow as one of his own people disappoints him.