Home Entertainment Edwin Sodi finally breaks his silence.

Edwin Sodi finally breaks his silence.


Edwin Sodi finally breaks his silence. During the week,social media went crazy when Musa Khawula revealed that Minnie Dlamini was getting divorced because she was caught cheating by her husband. Things got crazier when he went on to point out that he cheated on Quinton with multimillionaire Edwini Sodi.

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The businessman was later on said to have dated Mihlali Ndamase among others, he has however broken his silence and addressed the rumours saying;

“We have been made aware of various allegations regarding our divorce circulating on social media since yesterday. All the allegations made are false, damaging, and malicious. Fabrications of such a damaging manner are both unnecessary and hurtful in a matter that is already sensitive to us,” she wrote in an official statement in reaction to the rumor.

Mihlali was also said to have dated the man, but she snubbed the rumor.

According to a local publication, Edwin rubbished the rumors on his social media account, saying he’s never dated any of the two women.

“Stop spreading the lies about me, I’ve never dated Minnie,” he said.

“I’ve never dated Minnie or Mihlali, I only met them once,” he added.