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Eight more women comes out and exposes Bushiri


Self proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has done a lot of evil deeds during all the years he was here in South Africa, he has r_p£d women and girls as young as 16, he dragged and bribed many of them to keep quiet. Many women from his church continues to come out and expose what the prophet allegedly did to them.

Bushiri’s church is one of the most richest churches in South Africa and Malawi and all the alleged crimes started way back in 2016, now all those crimes have been added on to the fraud and money-laundering charges which he is currently facing in Malawi. Since Bushiri went back to his home country back in November last year he has been facing his charges in Malawi.

The prophet has denied all the r_p£ allegations against him and he has even the accused the women of working with gawjs officers so they can get money out if him. All the new cases a of the women who claims to have been s£x_ally abuse by Bushiri alleged that everything happened in Pretoria at Sheraton Hotel.

Some even alleged that they were hypnotised by Bushiri and they don’t even remember what happened as they only regained their senses afterwards. It was alleged that he promised to amrfu atleast one of the women, while he threatened to kill the young ones if they open their mouth and the other ones are bribed with money, one of the women alleged that she fell pregnant by the prophet and had to terminate the pregnancy against her will.