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Enhle Mbali leaving in fear as ex husband Black Coffee constantly abuse her


Enhle Mbali leaving in fear as ex husband Black Coffee constantly abuse her. It seems as if even though Enhle and DJ Black coffee are currently leaving in separate houses the drama between the two is still ongoing. Enhle Mbali is currently leaving in fear as she is being constantly harassed by DJ Black coffee to the extent that he is even physically abusive towards.

Enhle who currently stays at the Sandton house which she used to share with DJ Black Coffee said she was hosting a party at their house and she didn’t invite Black coffee. According to the papers she has submitted to the courts Enhle said prior to the party DJ Black Coffee had confronted her about the party they had a heated argument but he didn’t get physical with her.

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She thought they were done with the conversation to her suprise he showed up on the day of the party and made a big scene in front of her guest . This is what the actress had this to say ” Two incidents happened this weekend, Friday and Sunday. On March 5, he drove to our house and asked me to have a conversation I agreed to. We were alone. Until then he was a polite person.

“Nati asked me why I was throwing supper without his permission, then I asked why l needed his permission, and he said it was his home. I said, then I was confused telling him that it was our home, and he threatened to call a cop to shut it down. He was screaming at this point … and The guests who had already arrived were just looking (sic). “

She went on to share that the second incident occurred on Sunday, and this time he was very aggressive. “… He asked me why I put my hand on the door. I asked if he was serious. He started to speak out. He slammed my hand and pushed me. He kept yelling that this was his house. I asked him to stop the fight … he was on the premises. ”

The actress said due to the scuffle she sustained some bruises which are visible on her hand.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time her divorced husband has manhandled her. “Nati had hit me before in 2014 and I saw the same look on his face. He’s scaring me because he’s getting irrational. In the case. I got a scratch on my hand, “she wrote.

Due to the latest incidents Enhle Mbali is seeking protection order against Black Coffee and on top of that she wants the international DJ to talk to her through email only and should inform her before visiting.

She finished off by saying “I had to change the lock because he always came, even when I was improperly dressed and had to leave.” When reached for comment the DJ refused to comment saying he was aware of the situation and he is going to address it through the courts.