Home Entertainment Exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu spotted with Mtee

Exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu spotted with Mtee


South Africa’s number one socialite Zodwa Wa Bantu was spotted making the rounds with rapper Emtee. In the video, shared by Zodwa, she is seen k!ssing the performer’s hand before he leaves. The video has no strong.

This has driven numerous fans to accept that there could be some science between the two albeit none of them affirmed anything.

Visiting to Mac G back in 2020, Zodwa opened up about her affection for more youthful men and why she lean towards them.

“I love the attention. The energy that they have to follow me around. Help me with my travelling and driving. I love having attention from my man. They have energy and they listen to what you have to say.“

The star hammered the individuals who allude to her as the female R Kelly. “We are cheerful. I coexist with their families. They are over 21 and they’re finished with school. Ntobeko was working and the other one was in University. They are no children any longer.”

Zodwa depicted to Mac G what her sort is. “My sort is the person who takes as much time as is needed. I can’t be a tease. On the off chance that I need something I put it all on the line. The person who takes as much time as necessary is bashful and needs to know me since I’m not everywhere. I may appear as though I like things however I need somebody to need me. At that point you stood out enough to be noticed.”

Glancing back at all her previous connections, she added that it was all affection despite the fact that a large number of them didn’t end well.