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Exposed: Real reason why Etv canceled Rhythm City.


Exposed: Real reason why Etv canceled Rhythm City. Most people in South Africans watched Rhythm City your day was not complete till you watched Rhythm City, the sequence for watching soapies in South Africa has always been Skeem Saam, Rhythm City, Scandal and then Generations so when it got cancelled it was a surprise not only to the fans but also the cast members.

Rhythm City show cased the life of ordinary South Africans to the fullest people were drawn to it because they could relate to the storyline so people were left wondering why such a popular soapie like Rhythm City got canned.

Source say when the cast were told of the soapies end they were called in to do a basic gathering, they thought they were going to be congratulated for weathering the Covid-19 storm so well. However it was a different story as they were told that the soapie had come to an end and most of them were thinking were do I go from here.

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The soapies ending could not have been motivated by financial reasons as it had 5.2 million viewers in 2020 and was among the country’s ten most-watched soapies, it was the second most watched soapie. The only plausible reason for its cancellation was personal reasons perhaps conflict with the producers. Rhythm City has since been replaced by House of Zwide which has also gained so much popularity in such a short time.