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Exposed Vuyo Dabula caught cheating on his wife with this woman


Exposed Vuyo Dabula caught cheating on his wife with this woman . We all live for the drama and we are always here for it and what we heard today is giving us life, a proud transgender woman by the name of Demi The Doll on Instagram shared some juicy information. She dropped some serious allegations against the actor but Vuyo has not come out to confirm or deny her accusations so for now its just Demi The Doll’s version of events.

Since yesterday, Demi dropped hints that she and the actor allegedly had an affair and that he lied to her about being married. As a person who apparently did not consume much TV she knew little about Vuyo and who he is.

Demi has been dropping hints about what happened between her and Vuyo as she felt that the actor used her and she wanted to expose him. She went on to share how it all began saying,

“I found him stalking my Instagram, twice, he was watching my story and I saw blue ticks and I thought he was cute and whatever,” she said. Then she says a friend of hers encouraged her to go for it because “he is into trans.”

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She went on to say she decided to post more often so that she can catch his attention more and her plan worked as Vuyo continued too view her instagram posts without fail.

She then took matters into her hands and decided to DM Vuyo and then after hey started talking one thing led to another phone numbers were exchanged and things started from there as the conversations moved from Insta to Whatsapp. Dem says Vuyo was very eager to see her as a few days into their messaging back and forth Vuyo proposed that they meet.

She went on to clarify that she does not watch TV much and Vuyo lied to her that he was not married that he was just a single dad.

To her surprise, she found out on the internet that he is married and that he is a big actor on Generations. “He said he is a single father, and you must know I do not watch Generations… And the thing is I did not even know he had a wife…Is he married, why is there no information about his wife?”

“You guys need to know that these men are trans chasers,” she said. Demi alleges that they hooked up around the time of the Amapiano awards.

“Then we went to his house for the second time, but I don’t wanna say it because it is really embarrassing,” she teased.

People were not really impressed as they felt she really did not share about what happened, however she explained why she decided to expose him, “There’s three more but they cool so I’m not gonna say nothing about that. I’m here for one purpose and that’s because he is a tranny chaser, he’s trash.”

She went on to delete the live video and noted that she was going to do a more detailed one on Tik Tok.