Home International News Genius Kadungure never looked after me says his father.

Genius Kadungure never looked after me says his father.


Genius Kadungure never looked after me says his father. From the very first day we got to see the father of the late Genius Kadungure one could tell that the two did not have a rosy relationship. His father didn’t seem hurt by his death at all and many were wondering what kind of father he was who didn’t even know if his child had any children at all.

Well recently the 65 year old Anderson Kadungure decided to shed some light on his relationship with his son. Anderson said while it seems many people were taken care of by Ginimbi’s money it was not the same for him as his son left him in poverty while he splashed away his money to his friends and stranger’s.

“I am not sure when exactly I last saw him before he died. It has been a long time. But mostly I used to see his car passing by and moving up and down the road in his cars,” Kadungure said.

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“Most of the times I would not talk to him as I would see him from a distance. We never used to talk a lot.

We would talk once in a while, not that much.”

This is really suprising considering the fact that the two lived not so far from each other in Domboshava in Nyamande village. This is were his breath taking mansion was built while on the hand his father’s house was not that impressive.

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadingure died at the age of 36 during a fatal accident along Harare Legacy Way (formerly known as Borrowdale Road). His Rolls Royce which he was driving in the company of three friends crashed into a Honda fit and went on to veer off the road and it smashed into a tree before busting into flames. Ginimbi managed to get out of the car however he later died while his friends were stuck in the car and we’re burnt to death.