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“Give me a chance to reveal everything, Ramaphosa is not the saint you think he is,” Magashule guns out


It seems things are becoming messier between Magashule and Ramaphosa, even though he was told to apologise to president Ramaphosa for the suspension he publicly gave him it seems Ace is not going down without a fight.

Magashule has been given an opportunity to reveal why he refused to step down as the Secretary-General of ANC and he revealed that he wants a session with Raymond Zondi , according to Magashuke he has some big secrets to reveal and he’s ready to let everything out in the public.

The ANC has been struggling to release it payment bills on time, workers have been told that they would be paid about a month ago and they have been using the vulnerability of the country as an excuse. The African National Congredd6 is also still owing the South African Revenue Service a lot if money.

On Tuesday during a press conference Jessie Duarte who is the deputy Secretary-General said that they they are still battling the income issues they have as they are still waiting for the funders that they have been depending on.

“Numerous individuals who have supported the ANC may likewise host been funding other political parties,” she said. “So they don’t need it to be realized that they subsidized the ANC, or they store the ANC and accept that it very well may be terrible for business or – – we should put it gruffly — that it was useful for business at a time and is no more.”