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“God have mercy” heartbreaking pictures of thousands of people in India dying like flies


The situation in India is getting worse day by day, I don’t know if they will be able to pull through considering how covid-19 as been claiming a lot of lives in their country. Their situation us really bad and so heartbreaking as we see many people from India asking for help on social media.

Right now India is the number one hostspot country in the world as they just recently recorded 401 993 new cases, the is the highest daily cases of covid-19 that gas ever been recorded since the outbreak of coronavirus started.

Hospitals and crematoriums in India are full of covid19 people as the daily infections and deaths keeps on increasing. Grave diggers have been working extra hours and non stop as the numbers of deaths due to covid-19 keeps on increasing. On the other hand hospital beds are all occupied and hospitals are running out of oxygen for critical patients and many of them are dying in their homes due flooded hospitals.

Some of the western countries have landed a helping hand to India as they have been supplying them some of the supplies to stop the spread of the virus. The Indian government have turned one of their local stadiums into a hospital where they occupy covid-19 patients who are not in critical condition.