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Gogo Maweni says 12 o’clock is when you deal with a woman who tries to steal your man


Gogo Maweni says 12 o’clock is when you deal with a woman who tries to steal your man. A Social media influencer and African Sangoma Dr Gogo Maweni has a warning for anybody trying to be with her partner, many people were actually shocked when she said that she wants to teach the general public one trick and that is not to get into fights with those individuals who are basically stealing your partner.

The way that she says you deal with this issue is by waiting for 12:00 at midnight and then you speak to the ancestors you throw your bones and something called Isichitho in order to deal with such individuals, and she says that is exactly what she does.

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She further went on to say that she will never fight with another woman because it’s unnecessary, nowadays she can simply go onto social media and get a good picture of the individual who is basically stealing her man and then she proceeds to do her traditional activities or tricks.

Whereby she would bewitch the person who messes with her man and thats all that she does and it seems to have worked well for her, and also helps her avoid getting into fights with individuals who are a threat in her relationship.

So this is something that is definitely a little bit curious and we have never heard such a thing before, but it seems like many social media users agree with her that the age of fighting other people is over.

And this is the only effective way of dealing with individuals who are basically in a situation where they are threatening your relationship, members of the public are also finding this a little bit hilarious because they are wondering what has happened in her relationship.For her to be saying such things perhaps she is not having it good as well, or something has got into a situation where it is basically compromising her relationship. Check out some of the comments made below