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Gomara fans may cause lsrael Matseke to loose his job and here is why


Gomara fans may cause lsrael Matseke to loose his job and here is why.Fans are the cornerstone of a celebrities success and they can either make or break your career and to can be said about the role you play on a show or movie or series it has the power to make or break your career.

Israel Matseke is an actor on one of Mzansi most loved soapies Gomora and when he joined the series people were happy as he has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Everyone was intrigued and excited that he was going to spice things up.

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Much to everyone’s surprise that did not happen and now Mzansi has labeled him as annoying and have asked the producers of Gomora to remove him from being part of the cast.

Zulu has been playing the role of Don for the past couple of months, Don is the father of Teddy whom she shares with Zodwa and then he has another child Sbongile. Don left Zodwa many years ago and after he hit hard times he decided to come back to Gomora. When Zodwa found out that he was back and leaving in a car with Sibongile she sympathized with Sibongile and said they could stay with her.

Don then looked for a job and got a job from Zodwa’s current boyfriend until he was wrongfully accused. He then decided to join a life of crime and started hanging out with London as they would steal cars in the suburbs. He later on took over from London and became the mafia of Gomora.

Don and Zodwa might be living different lives but they still have feelings for each other. Don after becoming the leader of the mafia started going after Zodwa’s fiance by telling his thugs to keep robbing him.

Well it seems this is not sitting well with his social media fans and have asked them to remove Don from the soapie. People are saying his character is now boring and that if this continues he might lose fans.