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Good news from SASSA January 2023



South African Social Security Agency SASSA has announced that all grant recipients will receive their grant on time this month January 2023. The agency has encouraged its beneficiaries to use different methods available to withdraw their money to avoid long queues and inconveniences.

SASSA announced that beneficiaries can withdraw their funds at ATM’s or inside retail shops like pick n pay, Boxer, Shoprite, and many more. The SASSA gold card is still valid and can be used at retail stores that accept cash back.

They also released dates for accessing the funds starting with senior citizens on Tuesday 3 January followed by disability grants on Wednesdays and finally child support grants on Thursday the 5th of January.

SASSA has urged its beneficiaries nationwide to be extra careful as scammers and thieves are rampant this festive season. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed:

•Beneficiaries are urged to swipe their cards rather than caring cash on hand

•Do not ask strangers for help

•Make sure you get your card back after every purchase and store it in a safe place

Let’s show Ubuntu by allowing elderly and disabled people first in line. SASSA has urged the SRD grant recipients to update their banking details online when required to do so to avoid payment inconveniences. SASSA will continue working towards paying the right grant to the right recipients at the right time.