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Hearbreaking Bonang Matheba on the verge of loosing it all.


Hearbreaking Bonang Matheba on the verge of loosing it all.Things are getting intense between Bonang and the CSA agency as its looking like she might lose one of her most biggest brands. It seems the brand was not hers from the beginning as she was somewhat of a front or cover girl and not a shareholder of House of BNG.

Celebrity Services Africa (CSA) the agency representing Bonang went all out recently and called for the complete ownership and control of the brand House of BNG in their agreement and it seems Bonang will not go empty handed as she will be getting a slice of the economic benefit.

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She took to twitter on Wednesday to vent out her frustration on the matter accuses the management fraudulent practices. It seems it is a losing battle for the star as those close to her have said that she has lost control of the alcohol brand.

No one has seen how the contract looked like but sources say that CSA is said to have directly done the negotiations with Vino Ventures and made the makers of House of BNG part owners of the brand and gave Bonang a promoters’ contract. This then entitled CSA to became a shareholder of the brand while Bonang the cover girl or the brand’s face and limited to a cut of sales and profit, but not shares.

It seems there was communication breakdown between Bonang and CSA as she is claiming ownership. CSA believes that Bonang knew all this as they believe they own the BNG trademark intellectual property.

Queen B has accused them of making decisions regarding the brand without consulting her as she believes she is the shareholder and says the House of BNG was her child as she came with it when she signed a contract with the agency.

The CSA released a statement saying that Bonang has been saying half-truths as they are the ones who invested a lot of money into the brand and they are still yet to be paid through the profits. Bonang’s royalties is however not affected whether the brand makes profit or not as she gets a cut of every sale of the wine bottles. It seems it is a losing game for Bonang as they have called for full control of the House of BNG account from Bonang. They have went further to threaten her saying that if she does not comply they will take actionn against her.