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Heartbreaking Killer Kau’s mother and brother have sadly passed away


Heartbreaking Killer Kau’s mother and brother have sadly passed away.It was sad when the new broke that Killer Kau and another AmaPiano musician who is known as Mpura Mpura and also the Voice had died. The three died in an accident while they were on their way to a gig in Rusteburg.

It was a sad day and Killer Kau’ s brother Remember Khumalo said “ I never thought I’d have to say rest in peace to Sakhile or one of my nieces or nephews. I thought they would have to say that to me.

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“What hurts me the most is how Sakhile’s mother passed away. It was terrible. It happened again when his brother died in an accident. I thought they would try to break the cycle so it doesn’t happen again in the family. Today, we are seeing it again. Why it keeps happening in the family, I don’t know.”

It seems it is a family curse as Killer Kau’s uncle has revealed that the star’s mom and brother died in a car accident. The “Thokuluth Hey” hit maker died on the 7th of August and frins and family were gathered on Sunday to pay their last respects to the singer.

Killer Kau is survived by his father, grandmother, stepmother, three sisters, three brothers and niece and nephew. It was a heart breaking site to behold as family membes shared their tributes of the late and Killer Kau’s girlfriend was really heartbroken as she went on to compile a video of their beautiful moments

“There’s literally no greater pain, my heart has been ripped out of my chest. It didn’t have to be this soon,” said Killer Kau’s bereaved girlfriend.

In the days ago

His aunt Nelisiwe spoke about how she played a big role in raising the super star and how she was sad that she was the one laying him to rest.

“Sakhile started singing at church. He told me he loves music and would pursue his dreams. I told him if he shows me his grade 12 certificate, I will let him sing. He passed grade 12 and I told him he could continue pursuing his dreams.”

Killer Kau’s eldest sister Gugulethu also wrote her tribute to his young brother “I was never prepared for this day. Your departure has been the hardest thing I’ve ever went through. It hurts so much that I won’t hear your loud voice and won’t smell your cologne that used to fill the room whenever you were present. You lived your life to the fullest. You lived each day like it was your last. I want you to know that I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished.”

Xolisile Makhubu said : “It was an honour to call you a brother. I’m grateful to have been a part of your journey and for letting me be a part of yours. I will miss you. I will miss our stupid fights, making up, warm hugs, your scent, and the love you had for mayonnaise. For the past few days it felt so unreal, I still had high hopes I would hear your loud voice whenever you’re back from your gigs. I don’t think I will get used to this pain because I can already feel your absence. Until we meet again.”

His youngest brother Siyabonga also had his tribute read below : “Bro, all you taught me is love. You’ve played a whole lot of different roles in my life. Thanks for everything you have done for me and for being there for me. No-one else can take your place in my heart. I will miss you.