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Here is a list Mzansi Celebrities who are living with chronic illnesses


Here is a list Mzansi Celebrities who are living with chronic illnesses.At times we tend to be these celebrities on pedestals and turn them in to gods and make them out to be these super human beings. A matter of fact they are not they are just humans like us the only difference is that they are famous probably have lots of money than most of us but strip that all away they are just like you and me.

Here is a list of our favourite celebrities who suffer from chronic illness.

Connie Ferguson
We all know her for her role as Karabo Moroka during the days when Generations was Generations. She played the role form 1994 when the soapie started till 2010. She comes from Botswana and is a filmmaker, producer and businesswoman who lives in South Africa and works in the entertainment industry.
She recently lost her husband from COVID related illness. She once admitted to suffering from depression during an interview with glam magazine.

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Sophie Lichaba

We remebre Sophie Ndaba from her role on Generations were she played the role of the noisy receptionist who knew everything about everybody Queen. Sophie Ndaba has said that she suffers from diabetes hence her drastic weight loss as she is very different from the days she played Queen.

Howza Mosese
Howza Mosese is a musician and actor best known for his role as Detective Lerumo Chabedi on SABC’s Scandal. The actor revealed that he was diabetic and said that he has been dealing with the it for more than ten years, he went on to say that he found out he had the disease when he was 21 years old.
When asked about his sickness, he had this to say:
“I was actually introduced to diabetes at a very young age because my father had Type 2 diabetes, but I was completely unaware of what it was until I was diagnosed with it. I used to have a really unhealthy lifestyle, consuming fast food and alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. That has to change, and I’m not advocating being a health fanatic, but you need to find a way to do things in a more reasonable manner.”