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Here is the real reason why the sly Queen was thrown out of the car


Here is the real reason why the sly Queen was thrown out of the car.A video of a women aka slay queen being kicked out of a Mercedes-Benz V-Class has gone viral on social media, when one watches the video you do not understand how it all started and because of that a lot of speculatinos have been going around.

However Njabulo who is the guy in the video has come out to explain to people what happened because the video had been getting mixed comments on social media

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Njabulo went on Instagram to explain exactly what had happened, he said he, his wife and his friends saw these girls waling in the streets around three in morning and was concerned for their safety considering the time then they decided to give them a lift but soon as they got in the car things just turned bad.

He wrote: “She first tried to steal my phone. It was under her thighs and when we looked for it, she said nothing.”
He went on to say the lady tried to steal his lady’s expensive lotion and he saw it but did not say anythingbut however lost his temper when the gal told him his car was cheap.
“She took her shoes off and put her feet on the seat. I had some food and champagne in the car. She popped the champagne and ate the food.”


He went on to say when she opened the champagne she spilt it everywhere and then went on to demand money from them.
“When her friend asked what the money was for, she said we had money and we need to pay them.”

He went on to note that he just shared the video with a couple of his friends and is surprised that it has blown up like this.


After watching the video, Sizwe Shabalala wrote: “Njabulo did well because next thing, he would have been in trouble with the lady reporting a fake crime to the police.”

Lora Zulu said: “When you are given a lift, it’s important to respect people’s car.”

Samantha Kobus said: “He should not have grabbed her like that. That alone is abuse.”