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Hospital’s horror shocked many  


Many people were left tongue tied and really shocked to the core that as a patient jumped from the top of Charlotte Maxeke Academical Hospital’s building in Johannesburg.
His “I got wings to fly” moment is suspected to be a suicide.

It is allegedly that the patient arrived at the hospital less than a week ago, after he had tried to commit suicide but failed.It is allegeded that he poisoned himself, and was actually responding well to treatment at the hospital.
“The patient was in his birth suite when he went on top of the building,” said one staff member.
”It is very stressful to us. He moved from ward to ward and the next morning we are informed that he is dead”

The same thing also occurred in 2019 the and the hospital was forced to burglar gates in the wards.
The absence of the security officials when the incident occurred raises questions.
One security guard when asked, he said the psychiatric patient was meant to be watched.
”Psych patients must always be watched. There is always security official in their wards and the gates are closed with security watching every move of nurses,” said the worker.

GautengHealth spokesperson Kwara Kekana said the issue is being looked into .
It is understood that this incident highlighted that such patients are a threat to themselves and workers. The workers want the hospital to also think about paying them danger allowance as they deal with potentially dangerous patients.