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I Quit, I can’t carry on after what I saw papa doing- ECG Pastor exposes Bushiri


A young man who used to be a pastor at Bushiri’s church went to Amabishop’s official facebbok page where people have been revealing all the truth about these fake pastors.

Joshua Maphomga was the one who started the group as he went deeper with his theories on African Christianity, the young took the opportunity and revealed some details about the ECG Church.

He said he decided to quit because of his sanity and he stepped down from.the.ministry of ECG church. It seems what he experienced left him wamtimg nothing to do with church.

He has been revealing some information that can be used against Shepherd Bushiri. He has been revealing a lot of allegations against Major however we don’t know whether its the truth or not as many people have been coming after Bushiri recently.

The young man did not want to go into details he just gave hints to incriminate Bushiri.

“What I have seen with my own eyes is enough to make one stop believing in the existence of God as a being but a business. •At one point I stopped believing he existed because if he did then how can a prophet sleep with a woman before service and continue prophesying. •How could God watch miracles being faked and watch in silence. How can a prophet be drinking. How can a prophet steal from old women and ruin their lives. It’s a business; •A business that uses gods name to perpetuate falsehood, debauchery and other unbecoming vices,” he said.

“•At this point in my life nothing matters more than the truth, even if it’s ‘truth’ against me. I am a stern believer in the fact that “truth that divides surpasses in virtue by far any lie that unites!” •Don’t tell me to preach Jesus….Jesus himself exposed the Pharisees and their oppressive system,” he added.