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“I spent 10 years in jal for killing my wife and when I got out I found out that she’s still alive”


They always say that the best well to solve conflicts and make sure that it doesn’t become physical is by just walking away, if your not happy in a relationship get divorced and find your happiness somewhere instead of fighter your partner.

A man on social media learnt this the hard away as he had to spent to Years in prison for something he never did. And the sad part isvtgat he only found out after he had finished his sentence and got out.

“Back in 2009 I was arrested and went to prison for killing my wife whom I had been married to for eight months, the incident happened when I saw inappropriate chats between her and her former boyfriend from university. We got into an argument over that and she slip and fell. I was arrested for he death and spent 10 years behind bars, during that time in prison I would cry every night as I regretted my actions,” he said.

“A few weeks ago I was released from jail after finishing my sentence, however since I got out I’ve been getting rumours that my wife is very much alive and kicking and she’s happily married to another man. I never believed the rumours until I had them from my friends, one day as I was passing by I saw her with my own eyes in a car with the man and they looked very happy. I can’t believe ten tears of my life were wasted for nothing and I’m thinking of paying revenge,” he added.