Home Politics ‘I will kill you’ Malema threatens Pan African Parly member

‘I will kill you’ Malema threatens Pan African Parly member


Malema was heard saying “I will slaughter you” and pointing a finger at the individual MP.

Resistant individuals from the Parliament were declining to abandon the premises in Midrand, requesting that appointment of office conveyors be held despite the fact that a staff part tried positive for COVID-19.

South African MPs including Malema and the African National Congress’ Pemmy Majodina said the sitting ought to dismiss promptly to follow conventions.

The acting president and managing official made the declaration after the MPs had sat down yet different MPs said it was an endeavor to defer occupant Roger Nkodo Dang’s ouster.

Places of the generally secret body are frequently fervently challenged surprisingly rewarding force and advantages.

This is an interpretation of what one MP said: “I am just curious that on the day of elections you announce that a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. I’d like to say there is a member of Parliament who threatened his colleague.”

Disputable officeholder Dang from Cameroon is confronting an ouster subsequent to being in charge for two terms despite the fact that the Parliament concurred on a rule of provincial pivot.

Darn’s locale hasn’t suggested him however a few MPs smell a rat and even affirm that their lives are being undermined.