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Idol SA fans wreck havoc because of Somizi


Idol SA fans wreck havoc because of Somizi. Hate him or love him we can’t dispute the fact that Somizi is one of SA’s favourite celeb. Despite him being the favourite he has his own flaws just like any other human being. Some time back Mohale opened up about the abuse he suffered in the hands of Somizi.

He shared how Somizi was emotionally and physically abusive towards him. This angered a lot of people and they were calling for Somizi to be cancelled. Their pleas were heard and he was suspended from Metro FM while ldols SA cut ties with him. However ldols SA fans have realized that they didn’t really know what they were saying when they called for him to be cancelled from ldols SA.


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Now they have just realized that the show is just not the same without Somizi and they now want him back. After the Sunday’s episode fans took to twitter to share how they miss Somizi see what they said below. “Soooo boring without somizi 🥱🥱🥱#IdolsSA pic.twitter.com/xMjbYa1vDr

— Tshegofatso (@Fatso_Matjomane) August 29, 2021

Idols will not be the same without somizi 😭#idolssa pic.twitter.com/DY7WEPaIN2

— Love always wins ❤️❤️💋💋🇿🇦🇿🇦 (@thabiecibane) August 29, 2021

And Somizi wouldnt have let this slide nje without any comment on some ” hay ke mntanam if ayaziwa zi vocal coaches bewungubani wena 😅😅 #idolssa pic.twitter.com/hj8vCsa7gh

— Prudence Mzwakali (@pruddy1406) August 29, 2021

#IdolsSA I act like I am ok but deep down I miss Somizi😭It feels like a funeral without him.I wouldn’t push it and say the show is nothing without him but his absence is very loud. pic.twitter.com/75z8tSRhUA

— Danica Khumalo (@KhumaloDanica) August 29, 2021

Bring back Somizi #IdolsSA pic.twitter.com/AqQGGLs9M5

— Simphiwe Nkutha (@simphiwe_nkutha) August 29, 2021

Idols must just swallow their pride and bring back”Somizi”because what is this?#IdolsSA pic.twitter.com/aywJGrGyX5

— Gardenia (@Gardeni38094143) August 29, 2021

I swear to God Twitter has one of the most confused individuals ever, a couple of weeks ago ya’ll were busy with canceling Somizi, today is bring back Somizi. 🚮🚮#BringBackSomizi pic.twitter.com/MO74jTHFzE

— YOU CAN’T COPY RESPECT (@Joel_Mabu) August 29, 2021

Somizi brings drama and humor at the same time, we miss you. #IdolsSA pic.twitter.com/8KAw18Bqxj

— Thembisile (@Mbebe_T) August 29, 2021