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Idols SA winner Zama Khumalo and fellow contestant Brandon open up about their romantic relationship


Idols SA winner Zama Khumalo and fellow contestant Brandon open up about their romantic relationship. Who would have thought a musical competition can turn into a lovers paradise. At first it was people just making speculations but now it has been confirmed from the horses mouth that love is indeed in the air. Idols SA winner Zama Khumalo amd semifinalists Brandon Dhludhlu are the latest
Mzansi hottest couple.

Speaking to a publication on Tuesday the 22 year old Dludhlu opened up about their relationship and how it all started. While many were of the opinion that the two have recently began dating Brandon has said that’s not the case as it’s almost six months since they began dating. “We are dating and we started dating in theatre week before the show even started playing on TV. It’s been months now but people will think we [just] started to date now,” Dhludhlu said.

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“It was so scary to be in the competition with her because I was so scared of her because she was one of the strongest contestants in season 16. But I love her.

“So we spoke about the fact that it’s a competition and we are not going to let it get in the way of our relationship.”

Their parents met on New Year’s Day and Dhludhlu said they got on “like a house on fire”.

“It was so beautiful and I feel like everything just happened so fast because now our families know each other. It was like I was paying lobola – but I wasn’t,” Dhludhlu said.

“My mom got to meet her father and mother. They spoke like they knew one another and they were friends. I think we are blessed.”

Dhludhlu is currently promoting his debut single Uhambe featuring Duncan. He said his fans have sent him countless gifts while others have offered to bake for him.

His New Year resolution is to move to Gauteng to pursue his music career full-time.

“Life after Idols has been crazy, with people just recognizing me everywhere I go and with the Covid-19 pandemic it’s tricky because sometimes I have to be harsh by refusing to hug all of my fans,” Dhludhlu said.

Zama and Brandon

“People have been telling me that they appreciate that I went all the way and motivated many young people from my hood.

“I didn’t want to return back home, but I needed it to get motivated for when I go back to Joburg to work on my music. I miss the Idols house, from the food, freedom, contestants, talent manager and rehearsals to the gym.”

Even if you can’t sing just go to ldols SA you never know you might find your own prince charming just like Zamar. We wish them nothing but the best in their relationship.