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In a dream I was told to pay lobola for my Husband says The Queens actress Dineo Langa


In a dream I was told to pay lobola for my Husband says The Queens actress Dineo Langa. It is not a secret that the Langa’s are one of Mzansi’s favourite couples, Dineo and Solo Langa are a symbol of couple goals for most people. The pair had been dating for eight years until they tied the knot the previous year in September. The couple has always opened their doors and shared every part of their journey as a couple with their fans.

Eight years and still going strong it seems the bond that ties them together is very strong as their honeymoon phase is not showing any sign of coming to an end.

The couple’s instagram page shows nothing but the couples love for each other and has really set the bar for most couples out there as the duo seems more in love with each other everyday. The pair recently revealed that they paid lobola for each other, on their You tube channel they talked about how rooted they are when it comes to their spirituality and how their journey which started in 2017 of becoming Izangoma is going.

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Dineo revelead to True Love why she decided to pay for Solo’s lobola saying that she got it from a dream and that’s what prompted her to do it.

“A message was conveyed to me through a dream, saying we first had to get our ancestors acquainted with each other. This would, in turn, help them co-exist peacefully going forward. To avoid any friction between the two sides, amadlozi have to pay lobola for each other although it’s not always the case if two spiritually gifted people are in a relationship. One must get direction from their ancestors. I also had to pay lobola to his ancestors,” Dineo said.

Mrs Langa speaks so highly about her husband and says his spirituality is what attracted her the most to him and they are both very proud of their gifts and they are not afraid or ashamed to show it.