Home Politics In shock Julius Malema turns his back on foreigners

In shock Julius Malema turns his back on foreigners


In shock Julius Malema turns his back on foreigners. It is not a secret that Julius Malema is one man who is constantly changing like the weather. Lately it is really difficult to understand who he supports or who he hates. Despite his flip flopping ways i never thought there would a come a day in which he will speak ill against foreigners.


The EFF is one political party that has been very vocal about their love for foreigners. For they believe that Africa is just one big country in which we should all leave together without the borders. Malema was the voice of foreigners and this made many South Africans not love him as thy feel his political party is only concerned about foreigners.

Many were left stunned after listening to Julius Malema speech during the just endeded EFF presser. Malema turned his back on foreigners whom he has always defended. Malema shared that foreigners are the one committing the most dangerous crimes in the country. This came as a suprise to many people because he was the one strongly defending foreigners when other people uttered the same words he has uttered now.


However many people are seeing through Julius Malema’s strategy. Many people feel that his sudden change of view regarding foreigners is just a campaigning strategy. Taking account the fact that the local goverment elections are fast approaching Malema wants to win the heart of most South Africans.

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It seems most South Africans are not reaady to get fooled by him check out their reactions below. “do not take Malema serious because he, himself, does not take himself serious”.

“Malema. Jan 2021,Let the Foreigners find Creative Ways to get into SA. Malema. Aug 2021. Most dangerous Crimes are Committed By Foreigners. Bed-wetting Leadership. Then he claims the country suffers from a lack of leadership! He is the one confusing people day in and day out speaking about conspiracy theories,his hubris and hyperbole! If only he can drop the act of thinking that he is in charge of this country”.