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In shock see how this man almost died in prison because of Jub Jub


In shock see how this man almost died in prison because of Jub Jub. What happens in a South African jail and how is life inside those four walls of solitary confinement? Well, what takes place inside Mzansi’s prisions may shock you as Jub Jub opens up and shares his past prison ordeal.

A lot of shocking things about Jub Jub got exposed to the world when he was hosted by Mac G in a tell-all interview on his podcast. Besides talking about Jub Jub’s past relationships, Mac G took it upon himself to ask the Uyajola 9/9 about his 10 year jail sentence on charges of attempted murder. He then got parole after just four years, he served the term together with his friend who was also facing similar charges.


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About his life in prison Jub Jub said: “I would buy a lot of meat so there was one of my soldiers who would test my food before I could eat it. so if it was poisoned he dies. he did it but at a cost.”

What a shocker! The detail in question was how one person could risk his or her life for Jub Jub, despite getting paid. Others were also wondering how Jub Jub went as far as purchasing meat for consumption while in prison. What became clear is that with having lots of money at your disposal, even in jail you could do as you please.

One Twitter handle asserted: “ What Jub Jub made is no joke. Money will buy you luxury in prison.”

Another set of people also came to the opposite conclusion that what was said was what happens in movies and not real life.

Evident is that desperation among those serving time in prisons is high and they can do anything just to get something, as far as putting their lives at risk.