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In shock Trevis Scott & Drake concert was a blood sacrifice to the devil.


In shock Trevis Scott & Drake concert was a blood sacrifice to the devil. It was around 2006, 7 or 2008 when this thing about artists selling their souls to the devil became a serious issue. Artists like Jayzee, Beyonce, Rihaana, Chris brown the list goes on were said to be part of a group of satanists called the Illuminati.

Since then it has been said that artist sell and sacrifice their souls for fame and money. It is claimed that at times theses celebrities sacrifice a loved one to the devil for fame recognition and wealth. It is not only in America were artists have been accused of doing this even in South Africa, several musicians have also been accused of using “Ukutwala” to stay on top of the game and always win.

Due to the high level of competition in the industry and the shortness of the career, musicians allegedly divert to rituals to survive in the industry, however it is not everyone in the music industry who has thought less of their soul and found money to be important.

The incident that happened in America involving well-known musicians by the names of Trevis Scott and Drake has been claimed to be a sacrifice by people. The incident that occurred three days ago at a concert attended by a huge number of people saw eight people losing their lives and some being transported to the hospital. it was reported that the crowd started pushing to the front of the of the stage and compressed there leading to eight people, including two teenagers, losing their lives. The two well-known musicians have been sued for the incident resulted in death and the destruction of peoples lives.

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However a famous prophet has said that the incident was spiritually motivated claiming that it was a sacrifice, the prophet said what happened in America was not an accident by was a blood sacrifice being made by the two musicians. The prophet went on to say he does not think that just eight people died as he suspects more than eight people lost their live.

The prophet went on to issue a warning to the people saying that music is spiritual and that people should be careful when listening since low-vibration music can destroy their well-being.