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Interesting facts about Kelly Khumalo you probably didn’t know.


Interesting facts about Kelly Khumalo you probably didn’t know. Kelly Khumalo needs no introduction in the entertainment industry. She is popularly known for her soothing voice as well as some of the controversies she gets involved in. However apart from all that she is just an ordinary human being just like you
and me.

1. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about her. Kelly shared that she got her first kiss when she was just 15 years old. She was in standard 7 or 9 there. She said her father didn’t like this boy she made out with first. However she said there was nothing memorable about it was just an ordinary kiss.

2. Kelly she is very strict about her beauty routine. She says in a day she washes her face at least three times in a day. She said she rarely goes to sleep without her makeup on.

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3. She is also good at playing a musical instrument. In the world of music the voice is considered a musical instrument. She said she knows how to use this instrument very well. However she shared that she also has great love for traditional instruments. She said she would love to learn to play the piano.

4. Kelly shared that she is a big flirt. She said as long as she likes someone she will definitely flirt with that person.

5. The songbird said she can’t spend a day without praying. She said she makes sure she prays everyday without fail.

6. Kelly said she doesn’t like white wine. She said it has a Mbamba taste that she doesn’t like hence she will go for red wine nomatter what.

7. Khumalo said if given a choice between heels or wedges she doesn’t have to think about it. She is a heel person nomatter what.

8. Kelly said when growing up she had a huge crush on Usher Raymond’s. She said what she liked the most was the way in which he carries himself both on stage and off stage.

9. Kelly shared that she is a shy person but many people don’t know it. She said she always avoid people’s eyes because they bring out the shyness in her.

10. Kelly has also been implicated in her ex boyfriend Senzo Meyiwa’s death. One hitman in the case confessed that they were hired by Kelly to murder Senzo.