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Is DJ Zinhle and Thuli Phongolo dating the same man?


Is DJ Zinhle and Thuli Phongolo dating the same man?. Everyone felt sorry for Zinhle when Bonang snatched her man from her. However she had moved on from that and had found comfort in the arms of Murdah. Many fans were happy that at last the DJ was smiling again.

Murdah is part of the popular group Black Motion. He is rather secretive when it comes to his relationship. He once dated the Legacy actress Thuli Phongolo. Even though he wants his relationships private it couldn’t happen with Zinhle as everyone wanted to know who was keeping her happy.

However it seems like her joy will be short lived as their are already rumours that Murdah’s and Thuli’s relationship was not yet over. The two were dating for a long time but they kept their relationship off the public eye. Now it has been reported that DJ Zinhle made her relationship with Murdah public while he was still with the actress. It’s not clear if they had separated or not.

Even if it was actually over it looks like Thuli is not yet ready to let her ex go. She is not pleased with Murdah moving on with Dj Zinhle. It’s not clear what’s really go if Murdah was still in a relationship with the actress or she is just a bitter ex.

We truly hope history is not repeating itself again with Zinhle of her being in a love triangle. For she is glowing and looking happy these days.

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What do you think?. Is there a love triangle between the three