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Duduzane Zuma’s walk video break internet


Is Thuli Phongolo and Duduzane Zuma taking us for a ride?. It’s now quite clear that something is going on between Duduzane Zuma and the former Generations actress Thuli Phongolo. The suspicion that the two were dating began long back they poured water on the suspicion when they both claimed that they do not know each other.

One twitter user Sayed this to Thuli “Truthful and Powerful words from you always…Thuli is it really so, are you dating Duduzane…I am fed up with this story doing the rounds….we really don’t want anything to go by ruining your BRAND.” to which Thuli decided to put the rumors to rest and said she does not know him. However judging by the latest events it seems Thuli does know or she now knows who Duduzane Zuma is.


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Thuli Phongolo went on her Instagram stories and shared a video of Duduzane Zuma doing his million dollar walk. This video has gotten people talking about them once more. The rumour about the two dating began when Thuli was on her vacation in Dubai and she shared a picture of her bae hiding his face coincidentally the so called bae has the same tatoo as Duduzane who was also in Dubai at that time. However Thuli said it was just a mere coincidence and now she is even afraid to post anyone with a tattoo as it might be the same with someone else.

“Sesisaba nokuposta ke manje ngoba investigata nama-tattoo phela nina, iindaba zabantu nizazi ukundlula yezenu,” she wrote, which translates to “ We are now even afraid to post because you guys are investigating tattoos because you guys know other people’s businesses more than yours.”

Since she doesn’t know who Duduzane is what is he doing on her lg stories. Despite their claims these two definitely know each other.