Home Entertainment Isencane Lengane reality show trends again after this happened.

Isencane Lengane reality show trends again after this happened.


Isencane Lengane reality show trends again after this happened. Isencane Lengane is about two teenagers who got married and have been together for two years, the show has gained a huge following over the two years and it seems it is still growing strong. With everything that has been happening every mother facing the same thing as Thando’s mother would be worried.

Thando’s mother called her daughters father as she was worried sick about her daughter and as a result called him and asked him to meet her. She was concerned about how Siyacela has been treating Thando and was worried that every time she called her, her phone goes straight to voice mail.

She later came to find that Siyacela had confiscated Thando’s phone and he is the one who has been ignoring all her calls. She also came to find out that Thando’s father had asked for a cow from their in laws and wanted to know why, and when asked he could not give a valid reason for it.

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Thando’s mother believes that her daughter is in an abusive relationship and because of what society teaches our girls that as a women you sit and be quite about these things she does not want that for her. She wants to know why Siyacela took her daughters phone and decided to talk to Dlamuka about it, who told her that her daughter is fine and well taken care of and has never been physically or emotional abused by her husband

He went on to say that he did cheat on her and that she should not worry about him getting a second wife as he will not allow that saying Siyacela is just too excited about the money he has.

Things are certainly going to intensify as on the next episode Siyacela returns from his escapades and Thando is done with her matric and her mother is willing to look after her baby while she pursues her studies. We hope she did well.