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Jacob Zuma has had enough of the commission and prefers jail at the moment

Former South African President Jacob Zuma in the dock at the High Court in Durban, South Africa, Friday, April 6, 2018. Zuma appeared briefly in court to face 16 charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering, but the case was postponed until June 8, the Durban High Court announced Friday.(Nic Bothma / Pool via AP)

Jacob Zuma has had enough of the commission and prefers jail at the moment. The former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma says he would rather go to jail than be “bullied” by Zondo reports the Jacob Zuma Foundation. This comes after Zuma walked out of the commission on Thursday during a tea break.

Zuma walked out of the commission because he wanted Zondo excuse himself from the processions before he could come, Zuma claimed that the Deputy Chief Justice and Zondo were friends and that one of his friends sisters had a child with Zondo.

This will lead to a conflict of interest as Zondo’s judgement will be biased since he is now both a witness and judge in a dispute he is part of says Zuma’s Lawyer Advocate Muzi Sikhakane SC. With facts they had laid out Sikhakane said he would take their complaints to the Judicial Service Commission if they not heard.

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However he did not take the accusation lightly Zondo denied having any form of relationship with Zuma and refused to excuse himself from the proceedings. Zondo’s refusal to not be a part of the chairing commission led to former president Zuma to walkout bringing the processions to a stand still and the Jacob Zuma Foundation said on Friday that it stands by his decision to walkout.
The foundation issued a statement saying Zondo failed to “realize that as soon as his unusual statement was contradicted, he could not be the arbiter of his own dispute”.

“We are gravely concerned at the reports that when Zuma’s legal team went to see Zondo in chambers, they found Zondo with (advocate Tembeka) Ngcukaitobi SC, whose role in the chambers was not explained. It is disturbing that the chairperson allowed such irregularities to occur in this matter.

“We stand by President Zuma and commend him for his firm stance of walking away from the Commission. It is indeed a comedy of errors, floundering from one error to the next.

“We commend President Zuma for risking it all in order not to legitimize an irregular process disguised as a legitimate Commission,” the statement said.

The foundation said Zuma faces criminal proceedings that are plotted by evidence leaders: Zondo assisted by Ngcukaitobi.

“We know that Zuma and his team took this brave stance because they were not prepared to be bullied and elected to terminate their participation regardless of the risk of contempt proceedings.

“Zuma assures us that he would rather face jail than allow himself to be bullied by an irregular, manipulated, and unlawful process. We hope Zondo is aware that those pulling the strings behind the scenes do not have interest [sic] at heart and will drop him as quickly as they picked him,” said the foundation.

Sikhakhane tried to reason with the commission on the issue asking them to reconsider Zondo’s position to chair the commission but it did not bear any fruits as, “forces behind the scenes were prepared to risk it all, including the integrity of the chairperson to achieve their nefarious goals”.

The foundation concluded: “They can spin what happened all they like, their evil intentions were thwarted and prejudice blinded them.

“We are behind President Zuma all the way, no matter what they try to destroy him. They will fail.”

We wait to see how all this plays out.