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Jacob Zuma headed back to prison


Jacob Zuma headed back to prison. Former President Jacob Zuma has just been notified by the Gauteng High Court that he should head back to prison and this announcement is already causing an uproar. Also fears of another social unrest like what happened in July.

Zuma was placed on parole, due to medical reasons, but the court has deemed the National Commissioner of Correctional Services’ decision as unlawful. This decision was championed by Arthur Fraser and has been overturned by the High Court.

However, what happened in KwaZulu-Natal in July early this year when Zuma was jailed hasn’t been forgotten, there were civil unrests as his supporters protested. Now critics have expressed fear on social media for a second occurrence of such uncontrolled unrests.

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“The Gauteng High Court had ruled that former National Commissioner of Correctional Services Arthur Fraser’s decision to place former President Jacob Zuma on medical parole was unlawful – and ordered that he return to jail. @News24”

— Karyn Maughan (@karynmaughan)

Other business entities have already begun preparing for the worst in Durban and increased their security personnel. Security agent, Shaheen Suleiman has spoken about other clients having already contacted them (Magma Security) for backup and booked for their services.

Suleiman has this to say, “Have your backup plans ready. Decide what roads should be blocked off if necessary, decide how we’ll protect our malls. We must not take any threat lightly. Be ready. Let help be a call away. We already know the police can’t cope with this alone. All the security forces need to work together hand in hand.”

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