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Jacob Zuma’s tax record have finally been unsealed


Jacob Zuma’s tax record have finally been unsealed. November 2019 an application to access the former president of South Africa’s tax records and roughly two years later the North Gauteng High Court has ruled that two media houses can have access .

The ruling was passed on Tuesday afternoon by Judge Norman Davis in his ruling the two media houses who have been granted access to Zuma’s tax records are Amabhungane and Financial Mail. SARS have been charged by the court to provide Zuma’s tax records to within 10 days to the two media houses. The tax records to be provided to them must be for the periods between 2010 and 2018 and also ruled that sections of the Tax Administration Act and the Promotion of Access to Information Act, were unconstitutional.

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After the South African Revenue Service had refused their requests for access by the two publications they decided to take a legal route instead and sought out the help of the courts.

SARS had relied on these provisions within the acts to refuse the requests, on grounds of taxpayer confidentiality so now it is upto the Constitutional Court to rule in favour of Davis ruling or against it.