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Jub Jub not going down without a fight see what he has done to the three women


Jub Jub not going down without a fight see what he has done to the three women. Jub Jub has been silent since Amanda du Pont posted a video claiming that he abused her for two years and since then Masechaba Khumalo has also come out claiming she too was raped by the rapper.

However know he has broken his silence and issued a statement through the family’s spokesperson, Andile Ngcobo.


Reports suggest that he will issue Amanda du Pont, Masechaba Khumalo, and his cousin, Refilwe Khumalo with a letters of demand to retract and apologise for the defamatory allegations she made against him. It is also said that he will be pressing charges against Bonokuhle Nkala, the woman who claims to have witnessed him abusing Du Pont.

The statement reads:

“It is unfortunate that these heavy allegations are false and fake.”

“As a family we met Amanda du Pont when our son introduced her to us, we accepted her as one of our own.”

They went on to note that Amanda and Jub Jub during the time they were dating introduced each other to their parents and now she claims she was raped .

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“The claims and serious allegations by Ms Du Pont were clearly concocted to injure and defame our son’s name which he is working hard to safeguard.”

Jub Jub also went on to refute the claims that suggest that he raped Masechaba Khumalo at his mother’ house saying;

“He will be opening a case of crimen injuria and defamation against Amanda du Pont, Masechaba Khumalo, Bonokuhle Nkala, and Refilwe Khumalo.”

“They have been pulled in to campaign against our son by Amanda du Pont on her social media page.”

“Molemo, our son and his management team will not leave the claims unattended.”

A tweep by the name of Mgcina, Tyhopho, Nokwindla went on to list Jub Jub alleged crimes:

-Sexually assaulted Amanda Du Pont
-Killed school kids
-Sexually assaulted/made sexual advances on his cousin
-Made sexual advances on a lady working for Moja Love
-Abused Kelly Khumalo
-Sexually assaulted Masechaba Khumalo

The list seems to be stretching.

Since Amanda’s post more women have came out accusing the rapper of raping them and since then other organisations such as Women for Change, has begun a #MuteJubJub campaign following Du Pont and Masechaba Khumalo’s rape allegations.


Here are some of the comments from tweeps on the matter;

He defamed his name by himself, suing people for “defaming his good name” is just nonsense. No one is judging we are dealing with facts here. Jub Jub’s name will always be associated with killing of innocent children. Doing jail time doesnt erase anything.

— ActorVist (@mashoodoZ) December 5, 2021


Jub Jub killed four kids because he chose to be high and drunk. SA justice system is heinous and they kept him in jail for a few years.

Mojalove is worse gave him a tv show.

Him abusing and raping women is where y’all draw the line?

You hate women. Qha

— Bonga Dlulane (@BongaDlulane) December 5, 2021


Jub Jub should even Sue Moja Love- i mean they did not even wait for a case number – this is not a banana republic- stuff matters here, accusations are not judgments

— 🐧Lady Bird & Master 25🐧 (@BirdMaster_25) December 5, 2021


Watching Jub Jub ‘s unfiltered Podcast with MacG. Haaa this one keeps on mentioning God this God that. Then he goes ahead to insult another artist saying he sings like a Harlot?? He thinks he is only God’s favorite neh?? God Gives and God Takes. He forgets . Whuuu ahhh

— Boitumelo👑 (@goddess_boity) December 5, 2021


Jub Jub’s cousin posted this on Instagram ….. maybe we’ll hear her story soon 😔💔

Maybe others will also come forward after this 🥱#JubJub #amandadupont #macg pic.twitter.com/qtdBELUTMG

— Imnotasaint_imfromhell (@_zoocci__) December 2, 2021