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Jub melts Mzansi’s heart as he shows his fatherly side



Jub melts Mzansi’s heart as he shows his fatherly side.It is well known that he is one of the most incredible and extraordinary celebrities in Mzansi. He has always had a strong interest in music, and he has made it a point to ensure that he does not give up on his goals of becoming a rapper. Hip-hop artist and media figure Jub Jub hails from South Africa and has achieved a great deal in his career.


He started off at the bottom but worked his way up to become one of the most successful artists in South Africa. The majority of Jub Jub’s songs have become enormous hits across the nation, and several of his songs have provided a great deal of motivation to a large number of people thanks to the important message they convey. In spite of the challenges he was forced to overcome throughout his life, he was able to persevere and make the most of the opportunities presented to him.


One of the reasons why a lot of people have such a deep affection and admiration for Jub Jub is because he is such a humble person. The celebrity adores children, as seen by the many images of him posing with various children that he posts on social media. Recently, he shared some adorable moments as he played with a baby boy. Some of his fans asked if the baby is actually his son, while others suggested that he should do everything in his power to have a relationship with the son he shares with Kelly Khumalo.Some people even noticed that the baby looks like Kelly Khumalo.Since he was a child, Jub Jub, whose real name is Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, has spent the majority of his life working in the entertainment industry. His real name is Molemo Katleho Maarohanye.


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The well-known media figure, who was born to a celebrity mother who is commonly referred to as Mama Jackie, has led a very eventful life that has been marked by a never-ending stream of scandals. And while nobody has ever questioned Jub Jub’s capabilities and abilities, the specifics of his personal life are usually a topic that generates a lot of interest and debate.




As we continue to focus on the widely discussed topic of Jub Jub’s private life, we will today take a look at who Jub Jub’s kid is and provide answers to any questions you may have regarding Jub Jub’s role as a parent.The eldest and most handsome of Jub Jub’s children is a young man by the name of Christian Khumalo. Christian’s birthday is May 11th, and he is currently 11 years old. Christian’s birth date is May 11th, 2010.



Christian, who is currently pursuing his education together with his mother and sister, has a striking resemblance to Jub Jub and lives with them.Kelly Khumalo, a talented musician and actress, is Jub Jub’s baby mama. Her son is Jub Jub’s son. Kelly and Jub Jub had one of those high-profile, attention-grabbing relationships that we’ve all seen way too many examples of when it comes to celebrities dating.




To begin, it is said that the two went out while Jub Jub was involved in another relationship with actress Amanda Du-Pont, who he had been dating for three years at the time. This is according to a report.The relationship between the two people came to an end almost as quickly as it had begun, but it did at least lead to the birth of their son Christian.



Kelly Khumalo accused Jub Jub of physically assaulting her and said that the only reason Jub Jub dated her was because she was a “It girl” when she was speaking about their relationship several years after it had ended. On the other hand, Jub Jub denied ever touching Kelly and claimed that Kelly had used muthi, also known as witchcraft, to lure him into the relationship. Jub Jub’s claims were contradicted by Kelly.Since we were not present, it is difficult for us to determine which of the two is speaking the truth; therefore, for the time being, we will just present you with both accounts of what happened and allow you to make your own judgment.





It has been reported that Kelly Khumalo, who currently has full custody of their son Christian, has prevented Jub Jub from spending time with their son. As a result, Jub Jub does not get to see his son on a regular basis.During a previous interview with Drum Magazine, Kelly disclosed the motivation behind her decision to stop Jub Jub. According to Kelly, Jub Jub possessed a volatile personality, so she wanted to protect her son from it.




Kelly Khumalo’s response to Jub Jub going public about Kelly denying him the chance to see his son was to respond via a tweet by alleging that Jub Jub had not made any real efforts to see his son and that all he did was make excuses in the media. This came after Jub Jub went public about Kelly denying him the chance to see his son.As things stand right now, Jub Jub’s son resides and stays with his mother, and he does not really have a working relationship with his father, Jub Jub. This situation has been the case for some time.




Is there more than one child in the Jub Jub household?

Due to the fact that Jub Jub has maintained a high level of discretion regarding his personal life at the present time, it is unknown whether or not he has any other children except the one he shares with Kelly Khumalo.




The media figure has, on the other hand, frequently shared images of himself with two children—a boy and a girl who partially resemble him, and we have to add that they are extremely adorable—and we can’t help but compare them to themselves.Christian, Jub Jub’s son, may or may not have any half-siblings on his father’s side, but the young man does have a younger sister named Thingo Khumalo on his mother’s side of the family.



Who is the newest member of Jub Jub’s family?

After going through a series of unfortunate romantic encounters in the past, Jub Jub was able to locate and wed the woman who would become his ideal partner.The enigmatic wife of Jub Jub has chosen to keep a low profile, thus there is not much information available about her. The only other piece of information we have about her is that her name is Zenith and that she and Jub Jub met while he was in jail.