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Julius Malema says he doesn’t care if never become the South African president


By now people should know better than to mess with Juju, he recently clapped back a man on twitter who said that the EFF leader will never rule over South Africa.

In Julius Malema’s response to the man he said that he doesn’t care whether or not he will have become the president of South Africa. Many people found the whole post very funny as they all ended up laughing in the comment section of the post.

Julius Malema made it known that he doesn’t mind if his political party doesn’t become the ruling party in South Africa. The who thing started when a courageous man tweeted ” Oksalayo you will never rule the country. ”

Malema responded “As if I care.” Malema said that he doesn’t care if he never gets to rule the country and he made it clear that he couldn’t careless.

Malema’s response left many people in shock as thy questioned what the EFF leader meant by his post. Here are some of the reactions from the tweeps below:

“He doesn’t care, great! Who cares about him and his EFF anyway! People shouldn’t be bothered about Selo. BUT I know the fact that he’s feeling the pain right now. #PutSouthAfricaFirst”

“What do you want from Julius, you can lead on your own. It shows desperation from your side that you need him more than he needs you.”

“Lol it’s obvious you don’t care… sad reality, all these people do not care shem… Black men, you are on your own.”