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Juniour Khanye drops a bombshell about the looming rematch of Bafana Bafana and Ghana.


Juniour Khanye drops a bombshell about the looming rematch of Bafana Bafana and Ghana. Former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Junior Khanye has revealed that if Bafana Bafana were given a second chance to play the Black Stars Ghana for the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, they will suffer an embarrising loss as compared to the previous one.

The Black Stars won their last World Qualifier game against Bafana Bafana which saw the South African boys World Cup dreams being shattered. However after suffering the defeat they argued that the referee made some very questionable decisions and lodge a complaint with FIFA were they complained saying there was “match-fixing, match manipulation including corruption and bribery.”

Khanye has however made his thoughts clear known that if Bafana bafana were to play Ghana again they would fail dismally and went on to note that he was not really pleased withHugo Broos choices and decisions.Writing in his column for the iDiski Times, the former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder said,

“If the match was ordered by FIFA to be replayed, I think Ghana would win it again, by more goals this time around.

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“I don’t know if Hugo Broos thinks he is trying to prove a point by omitting players who deserve to play in the national team. You cannot tell me that Andile Jali and Lyle Lakay are not good enough to play for the national team.

“If we have the same approach, I think Ghana will defeat Bafana Bafana again in a replay situation. They had more threatening chances in the game we played.”

Kanye did not end there as he went on to question Hugo Broos’ selection choices, saying

“Players like Nyiko Mobbie struggled to keep up with the Ghanaian attack. De Reuck and Siyanda Xulu were in sixes and sevens as a centre-back pairing; it just did not work out for them. They were lucky not to concede more goals.

“I felt that the selection of players by Hugo Broos was off the mark, especially considering that many of the players he picked were inexperienced, and their lack of big-match experience showed in that game.”

He went on to say he does not think FIFA will rule in favour of the South African side saying;

“A lot was said about the Senegalese referee Maquette N’diaye; some South Africans were questioning the use of a West African referee in a fixture that involves a West African team.”

“Overall, I think the referee made some mistakes in the game, but I think a lot of people are exaggerating how bad he was. He made a mistake by awarding the corner that led to a penalty.

“It was clearly not a corner. With regard to the penalty he gave against Rushine De Reuck, it was a very soft penalty. I do not agree that it should have been awarded.

“The difficulty is that De Reuck had his hands on the Ghanaian player, and the referee was too happy to blow his whistle in that instance. I don’t know if the penalty will be enough to convince FIFA to order the replay.

“SAFA will need to show evidence that the referee was involved in match-fixing. In football, the referee’s decision is final, so I don’t see how the game can be replayed.”.