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Justice Minister Lamola impressed with the manner in which Bushiri’s case is being handled.


Justice Minister Lamola impressed with the manner in which Bushiri’s case is being handled. The issue of Bushiri and his wife has been a very confusing one as the couple managed to flee the country into Malawi a week after they posted bail even though their passport were confiscated by the state. Bushiri and his wife Mary are facing allegations of fraud, money laundering and theft, they were granted bail amounting to R200000 each and were expected to report at their local police station every Monday and Friday which they failed to do on Friday leading to it being discovered that the pair had fled the country.

Upon discovering that they pair had evaded law enforcement it was discovered that he was in Malawi and proper procedures have been put in place to get them back and experience the full hand of the law. They were apprehended on Wednesday in Malawi but were released again as the court verdict stated that they were unlawfully arrested.

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However the Cabinet on Thursday said it was pleased by how the fugitives case was being handled by the Justice, Crime Prevention and Safety Cluster. Mr Ronald Lamola the Justice Correctional Service Minister on Thursday afternoon gave a briefing in Pretoria saying;

“Cabinet was satisfied with the manner in which the Justice, Crime Prevention and Safety Cluster has handled the matter and the cluster will update the public on the developments regarding this matter,”.

He also stated that the warrants of arrest for the couple had been issued as the country is liaising with the Malawian government to bring them back and that it will be done with the paperwork regarding their extradition and send it to Malawi in the next two weeks.

“We will continue to finalize the extradition papers we intend to send to Malawi within the next two weeks, not within 30 days as prescribed in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol, it’s a date we’ve set ourselves,” Lamola said.

However the President of South Africa Ramaphosa on Wednesday said he was not really pleased about the Bushiri issue saying that it was something that should never have happened specially for a high profile case like this one.

“The Bushiri matter has been very concerning to all of us and I’m waiting for a detailed report on the whole Bushiri saga, which I will get and we will then see what action needs to be taken because it should never have happened the way it did. Either tomorrow or so I’ll be getting a report,” the president said.

Bushiri took to Facebook saying he was in Malawi giving reasons as to why he had fled the country siting safety for himself and his family being at risk being the reason. It is still not clear when the couple fled the country and how they did it.