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Kelly Khumalo hired us to kill Senzo says one of Senzo’s killers


Kelly Khumalo hired us to kill Senzo says one of Senzo’s killers. A case that has been open for over six years now looks like it will soon come to an end. Kelly Khumalo’s boyfriend was killed over 6 years ago when robbers broker into their home. Ever since then his killers have never been found and Senzo’s family were quite confident that Kelly knew more about his death than she is telling the police. However the songbird strongly denies these allegations saying she also wants the killer’s found.

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However in a sudden turn of events one of the people who were involved in the murder of Senzo has made a confession. Six years after Senzo was murdered one of the killers said they were hired by Kelly to murder Senzo. The killer told a magistrate in Boksburg that Kelly masterminded the whole shooting. He said Kelly told them that Meyiwa had promised her to give her money but did not leave up to his word. He said she also said Kelly said Senzo had promised to marry her but he was showing that he no longer wanted to marry her. That’s why Kelly wanted him dead .

The hitmen went on to say they asked Kelly to pay R400 000 to do the job considering Meyiwa’s status. However he said Kelly said the price was too high and offered to pay R250 000 upfront and she would settle the balance after two months.

He went on to say after they had agreed with Kelly they went to consult a sangoma to that he could help them succeed in their mission. The Sangoma has also confirmed to this saying the killer did come to him and he performed the ritual on them.

The hitmen said after they finished their job Kelly did not meet her own end of the bargain as she refused to pay the R250 000 which they had agreed on.

The team set up by Cele took over eight months to find a break in the case that had been stagnant for many years now. One of the insiders of the case said “We have a watertight case. We’ve managed to track down a firearm that was used to kill Senzo. The ballistic test results have positively linked the suspects to the murder, which we’ve established was premeditated,” said an insider.

However at the moment no arrest has been made regarding the case even though their is overwhelming evidence to put an end to the case. Investigators said they have submitted dockets to prosecutors so that they can be given permission to arrest.

When contacted for comment, Kelly Khumalo said: “Thank you for informing me. All the best with your story”