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Kelly Khumalo not moved by Senzo’s killer confession.


Kelly Khumalo not moved by Senzo’s killer confession. Yesterday many were left suprised and mind blown when it was reported that one of Senzo’s killer confessed. After six years it is alleged that one of the killers confessed that they were hired by Kelly to kill her then boyfriend Senzo who is also the father of her child.

A city press publication said that the evidence that proofs that Kelly is indeed the master minder of Senzo’s murder is overwhelming. The story and circumstances surrounding it are too good to be true. It was revealed that two men who are already in jail serving their term for unrelated crimes were interviewed by city press about the case.

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It is then that one of the hitman said he met with Kelly at a mall in Johannesburg. However he claims Kelly did not pay them the money she had agreed on for the job they did.

This is not the first time Kelly has been called out for being part or knowing who killed Senzo. Senzo’s own family were the first to point a finger at Kelly over their son’s death. She endured a lot of cyber bullying and backlash all because of those allegations. However throughout the years she has maintained her stance that she knows nothing more than she is saying over Senzo’s death.

This time it’s not different maybe she is now used to people bad mouthing her. When she was reached for comment about the killers confession about her being the mastermind of Senzo’s death she didn’t seem suprised or panicked. She simply said ” Thank you for informing me. All the best with your story.”

Even though the social media judges were quick to lash out at her over unconfirmed confession she maintained her cool. She didn’t even try to justify herself to the social media trolls. She choose to focus her energy on positive affirmation from her true fans and supporters.

Kelly has not issued a statement as of yet. Even it was reported by city press that a docket for permission of arrest has been submitted the police have not yet made public a statement regarding the matter.