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Kelly Khumalo under attack after she said this to Cyril Ramaphosa


Kelly Khumalo under attack after she said this to Cyril Ramaphosa. Last time it was a government ministerial employee who questioned the South African President’s work and this led to him issuing somewhat of a subliminal response in his weekly newsletter.

They say everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that it is one’s right to express themselves freely. Those are the fundamentals of what constitutes a democratic nation, but there are some people whom when they share their sentiments get all sorts of backlashes.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa recently posted a tweet where he reiterated the value of safeguarding the nation’s constitution and democracy, while also urging his people to align themselves with the electoral procedures. He claimed that any opposite act would be a suppression of the country’s peace code.

The tweet read, “We need to protect our Constitution, our democratic state and the electoral process from anyone who wants to weaken our democracy and deny the South African people of their hard-won freedom.”

Kelly Khumalo then threw her weight in response to the President’s tweet and asked him a tough question. She alluded to a point that how can it be democracy when some of the people’s basic life issues are not addressed by the government.


“Mr President sir, What does democracy even mean if we are hungry without jobs, high teenage pregnancies, not to mention the level of crime ,gender based violence and the misuse of Government funds. are we really free? Or freedom is used to cover the reality of our country ,” read Kelly’s tweet.

Her tweet was welcomed with all sorts of different reactions and some even went ahead to attack the singer off of what she encountered in real life before. Others went on to share how they agree with her since she made some sense. They also referenced to the high rate of unemployment in the country and lack of clean water in some parts of Mzansi. Others went further to bring back Senzo Meyiwa’s case while questioning the vocalist.


Some people may disagree with her choices in life, but multitudes said that her tweet revealed the issues faced by most South Africans at large who look up to the government for assistance.