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Kelly opens up about her pain over Senzo’s death.


Kelly opens up about her pain over Senzo’s death. Even though it is now six years down the line Kelly is still heavily affected by Senzo’s death. Recently she broke down while talking about him on her reality show.

While speaking on her reality show Life with Kelly the songbird gets all emotional as she opens up. Kelly said she believes if Senzo was still alive her life would have been much better than it is .

She said “What I would want to say to you (Senzo Meyiwa) is that I would have been better off with you alive than gone.

“My life took a turn for the worse. I’ve never thought that in my existence, that I’d be hated so intensely.

“Senzo was one of the people who never gave up on me once. I drove him crazy, he drove me crazy.

“But there was never a point where that man would give up on me.

“Nothing was worth him giving up on me,” she said.

“At first, I used to think if they find the killers, I’d feel better and maybe my life would change.

“But I realised that even that will not bring him back.

“That will never allow my daughter to have a father or even me to have someone I call family or a friend, who is there no matter what and irrespective of my shortcomings,” she said.

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Opening up to her therapist on the show, Kelly Khumalo said:

“Society has taken my loss and used it against me.

“I can’t even take a picture next to a man without being accused of uzombulala (I will kill him).

“It hurts that you even think that way of me.

“You have never met me, you don’t know my story, you don’t know my journey,” she said.

“There are many unsolved murders in South Africa, but this one Kelly knows, Kelly is hiding the killers. How dare you?”

Just recently City press reported that one of the killers of Senzo confessed that they were actually hired by Kelly to kill Senzo Meyiwa. According to them Kelly offered to pay them R250 000 for killing Senzo. However they claim Kelly didn’t fulfil her promise and didn’t pay them their full amount.

Both the police and Kelly have not addressed these allegations. Hence it’s not yet clear if the allegations are true or it’s just an attempt to ruin Kelly’s name.