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Kelly was not sitting in one place: Third witness tells the court what happened #SenzoMeyiwaTrial


Kelly was not sitting in one place: Third witness tells the court what happened #SenzoMeyiwaTrial. With Advocate Masilela Teffo out of the court, some people were left disappointed since he was making the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial a bit of fun, some even started saying that they will stop watching the broadcasting of the case since there will no longer be drama, but it seems they were wrong since there is more drama than before, more emanated on Tuesday when the third witness was due to take the stand, he felt he was intimidated by the media houses who cased him all the way as he was entering the courtroom, this prompted Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela to kick out all media houses from the courtroom.


After having made a ruling that the proceedings will not go on until al those who are responsible are identified and kicked out, indeed the SABC, ENCA and Newsroom Afrika were kicked out and the Tumelo Madlala took the witness box to give his testimony and he started by telling the court how he was picked up at Spruitview before they went to buy some drinks at a tavern, then he explained what happened when they got to Kelly Khumalo’s mother’s house where the shooting happened.


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Madlala said when they arrived, they were watching a football match which was an EPL game between Manchester United and Chelsea, he also mentioned that he was introduced to everyone who was at the house and Longwe Thwala arrived a little bit later, he said he did not speak much since Longwe was more focused on speaking to Zandi.


“While we were there, food was being prepared, we were watching football Chelsea and Manchester United. After a while a gentleman arrived and later on, Senzo told me who was that Longwe Twala. We didn’t speak much with this gentleman because he was speaking to Zandi,” he said.


The witness who is reportedly Meyiwa’s friend also went on to testify that when they were there, Kelly was not sitting at one place, she would sit here and there and at some time she was sitting on the floor, he then went out to smoke with Mthoko and they discussed the issue of the yard not having a gate.


“But Kelly was not seated in one place. She would also seat on the floor. Myself and Mthoko went out to smoke and as I said the yard wall didn’t have a gate we just stood outside and smoked,” he added before he asked the court for a five minutes break.



The court granted Madlala the break he requested and then decided to adjourn for lunch, there has been some good news coming with the lunch break since the court has decided to allow the live broadcast to resume after suspending the media.